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04/03/2016 - Acchi Kocchi, Letra A, Lista de Episódios

Sinopse: A história segue uma garota Tsundere chamada Tsukimi, Io, o garoto mais antisocial possível e seus colegas de classe, em suas confusões diárias e convivência. Obra adaptada do mangá original de 4 painéis.

Qualidade: MP4
Número de episódios: 12 (Completo)
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[Sinopse em inglês: Everyone has a circle of friends they hang out with. But even within a small group there are smaller groups of friends, best friends and, here’s where it gets complicated, boyfriends and girlfriends. Sometimes relationships just develop in a way where you’re not exactly sure what you are to the other person. Which is the problem Tsumiki has when it comes to Io. Io’s as tall and easygoing as Tsumiki is short in both temper and stature, but he also seems to be totally clueless about how she’s starting to feel. Yet, at times, he’s almost too affectionate. It’s just confusing and irritating. And their prankster friends Mayoi and Sakaki aren’t much help. Especially Mayoi, as it gives her one more thing to tease Tsumiki over. Hime, the fifth member of their usual gang of five isn’t much better, because she’s not really well connected to reality anyway. Which leaves Tsumiki stuck in a quandary. Are she and Io just best friends? And is it worth risking that for what Tsumiki wants? (Source: Sentai Filmworks) ]